About Us

VARALIKA is a professionally managed service and support organization, head-quartered in New Delhi, India. The Corporation was founded in 2016 to address the needs of NGOs, NPOs and Corporate. Varalika helps operating business in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Quality Of Service
Varalika offers only the best quality for your corporate needs. We will do everything in our power to guarantee that the service you and your employees receive for your corporate needs exceeds all expectations.

VARALIKA takes responsibility for delivering the required project on time, within budget and of the best quality. We deliver what we promise and we promise what we can deliver. We take the responsibility of completing the task at hand on time and within given resources.

Return On Investment
VARALIKA asks for a justified price for its solutions. We offer a good return on the investment, and the cost of our solutions is mostly within the overall business plan of customers. We know the importance of every penny spent by our customers and we value it like our own money.

VARALIKA considers all oral and written information is treated in strict confidence, so we maintain the highest standards of confidentiality in all appropriate matters. Our aim is always to strive for the common good whilst respecting individual prerogatives.

Customer Oriented
VARALIKA offers what our customer needs. We think like our customers, for our customers and on behalf of our customers. Our solutions are according to customer’s specific requirements in functionality and price. We believe in customizing our solutions, so you can find what you need, and get it the way you need it.

Varalika offers end-to-end research services across PAN India. Our office locations in Delhi, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, UP, add to our overall capabilities to offer customized research solutions irrespective of where you are based or which market you wish to study or explore.
We have field-support and data collection teams in different parts of the India. While full-service research is managed by our customized research division and headquarter in Delhi, India, we have the capabilities to offer bespoke Research Solutions with fastest turnaround time and cost-effectiveness across India.

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